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Designing Inclusive Preschools: Discover. Data. Design. Deliver

Four Part Series for Pre-School Practitioners 

December 7th, 2021 3:00-4:00 PST

December 9th, 2021 3:00-4:00 PST

December 14th, 2021 3:00-4:00 PST

December 16th, 2021 3:00-4:00 PST

  1. Discovering Our Story In Data: Pain.Power. Honor. 

The data on early learning gives us a picture of the outcomes if we don’t change learning environments to be inclusive of learner variability. Unless we continually acknowledge, reflect on, and reject our own bias, prejudice, and stereotypes, we will continue to create and maintain systemic and structural inequalities – particularly for learners of color and learners with disabilities.  This session will provide a walkthrough of California’s data with key pauses to uncover our own stories as they connect to the choice of perpetuating injustices or fighting against them.  

  1. Data Meets Design 

Participants will understand and apply developmentally appropriate ways to incorporate antiracism and UDL principles into early childhood curriculum, instruction, and assessment practices that will help to counter the preschool to prison pipeline and promote social/emotional development among young learners of color and learners with disabilities.  In this workshop, participants will understand the data and how labels, biases and stereotypes can be addressed to build more equitable and inclusive early learning environments.  Educators will learn about antiracism and universal design for learning as a tool to create belonging and equity for children with marginalized identities.

  1. Design to Partner with Families for Delivery 

Home-to-school collaboration can be a daunting, multifaceted topic.  The power of actualizing and solidifying a partnership that spans the distance from school to home and back again creates powerful learning experiences that yield results that lengthen those connective paths wider than what we can imagine.  Home-to-school collaboration is the purposeful partnership between parents/family members and school personnel to transform every setting into a flexible, powerful learning environment for all.  Traditionally, school settings looked at family involvement to engage families with activities that support a student’s learning process. This session looks at what it means to honor and invite every family by recognizing and reducing barriers to connecting.  Participants will learn how to use culturally responsive strategies and antiracist UDL to open doors of communication in preschools. 

  1. Delivering the Promise 

All students deserve an equitable and inclusive early educational experience where they are welcomed, seen, heard and honored.  Disrupting the systemic barriers that impact historically marginalized learners means that equity has to be more than a buzzword or a statement.  This session helps participants to deliver on the promise of equity by promoting respect and appreciation of differences, creating preschool communities of equity and belonging, and addressing the underlying issues of bias in our interpersonal relationships with each other, with our students, and between our students.  We will take a specific look at microaggressions, microassaults and microinvalidations and how to design for safety, belonging and inclusion from the beginning of each child’s educational experience in preschool.

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