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Equity In Education Course Presented by Epoch Education: A Series of Nine Self-Paced Web Modules.

Epoch Education is offering SIP Grantees and California Educators access to nine prerecorded web modules focused on equity in education. Registration will grant you access to the nine prerecorded web modules until June 1st, 2021.  It may take several weeks for you to receive the access link from Epoch education. It is estimated that each webmodule will take sixty to ninety minutes to complete  Please register for course access by Friday, November 6th.

Module 1: Becoming Racially and Ethnically Conscious

One of the goals of developing an inclusive racial and ethnic consciousness is to create environments where people do not have to downplay or hide aspects of their authentic identities. In this module, we will explore how people of various races and cultures experience different treatment based on the color of their skin and how previous and future generations differ in how they identify themselves.

Module 2: Cultivating Cultural Competency

Whether we understand it or not, we demonstrate our culture through our values, beliefs and actions. In this module, we will begin to define what culture means to us and then understand how it shows up in the things that we think, say, and do with our students and colleagues.

Module 3: Culturally Relevant Pedagogy as A Lens for Equity

The components of Culturally Relevant Pedagogy (CRP) include academic achievement, cultural competence and sociopolitical consciousness. In this module, we will examine our teaching practices through the lens of CRP as a whole.

Module 4: The Impact of Microaggressions

This module supports an understanding of the many forms of microaggressions and the ways in which they marginalize certain people and groups.

Module 5: Supporting Student Empowerment

We hear a lot about the importance of student voice in creating inclusive, equitable school cultures. In this learning module, we will explore some examples of how educators encourage student voice and use it to inform their practices, policies and procedures.

Module 6: Our Role in Confronting and Overcoming Systemic Oppression

In this module, we examine the historical foundations of systemic oppression that underlie schools’ unstated core values which view some cultures through a deficit lens.

Module 7: What is Implicit Bias?

No matter how good our intentions are to be free of prejudice, we all have implicit biases that can have a detrimental impact on our relationships, our work, and society at large. In this module, we define implicit bias and reflect on how it informs our own beliefs, behaviors and experiences.

Module 8: Debiasing Our Thoughts and Actions

In this module, we will explore some of the roadblocks to recognizing biased-based beliefs and learn some strategies to address them.

Module 9: Exploring Issues of Privilege and Entitlement

Privilege and entitlement are experienced by members of dominant identity groups and are often unseen and rarely acknowledged. These experiences serve as the counterpart to the experiences of marginalized groups impacted by systemic oppression. In this module, we explore how to move beyond anger and guilt to proactively articulate and model inclusive values and policies.

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