Leadership and Learning Are Indispensable to Each Other
- John F. Kennedy

SIP hosts and organizes a number of events for its grantees each  year with the goal of building the capacities of our grantees to progress on the path of creating inclusive organizations. The events range from in-person trainings/workshops to webinars designed to ensure busy educators can access them from anywhere in California. Most events are provided free of cost to our grantees and we do open our events when possible to other LEAs in order to promote the message of inclusion. 

Below is an outline of events planned for the 2019-20 academic year thus far. This page will be updated as further events are added/modified. Details and/or registration links will be added  soon. To help with planning and deciding which events to attend, refer to the guide below; see the timeline below for list of complete events with further details.

Summary Guide to 2019-20 Events

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