There is a method to our madness!

The SIP Logic Model and Blueprint are derived from best practices as defined in research and literature in the fields of inclusion, education, and change management. The goal is to provide our grantees with a solid framework upon which to base their work in improving inclusion within their organizations. The Logic Model defines our approach to the project. In a nutshell, we believe that when grantees are provided key resources and support, we empower them to achieve outcomes representative of an inclusion. Meanwhile, the Blueprint provides the systematic approach we advocate our grantees utilize as they move towards inclusion. Based on seminal works in change management, we believe by adopting this blueprint, our grantees will build capacities to deal with all change using best practice methods.

SIP Logic Model

At SIP, we believe in a structured and systematic approach to obtaining desired results. The SIP logic model is grounded in this belief and focuses on building the capacities of each of our grantees to help progress them towards sustainable and scalable models of inclusion. The SIP Logic Model is based on the following simple premise. ‘If we support our grantees with inputs (resources) as well as facilitate their access to vital activities which are designed to develop/build specific capacities/outputs in them, then they will be empowered to achieve desired short- and long-term outcomes that are indicative of inclusive change.’  The outcomes that we strive for our grantees to achieve represent research-based best practices observed in ideal inclusive organizations.  The SIP Logic Model also perfectly aligns with our approach (culture, policy, practice, cohesive leadership) to inclusion.

SIP Blueprint

As educational organizations move towards inclusion, they are undertaking a massive system change. However, unlike businesses going through such change, schools/districts often lack the benefit of business professionals armed with change management tools or strategies. The SIP Blueprint was born to address this need. 

The Blueprint is distilled from knowledge in seminal change management literature in the fields of both education and business. SIP encourages its grantees to follow the stages of the Blueprint in order to increase the likelihood of achieving successful and sustainable models of inclusion. Furthermore, SIP believes that following the systematic and foundational approach of the Blueprint also improves the capacity of schools/districts to employ a similar approach to other initiatives.