Walking on the path to inclusion is not an easy one especially for educators in the field. Districts, administrators and teachers who willingly take up the gamut of adopting inclusive practices are pioneers who often find themselves isolated in their efforts. Yet, they staunchly persist knowing that what they are doing is ultimately in the best interests of all students. This is why, at SIP, we believe that forming a strong network of support for such pioneers is essential. Our project strongly endorses positive working relationships between districts and educators who are interested in inclusion through participation in a myriad of in-person and virtual events. SIP is extremely thankful to all the people who inspire, support and collaborate with us in our work to promote inclusion!

Grantees in 2023-2024

For 2019-20, SIP has 12 grantees who are designated as ‘Exemplar’ and 33 grantees who are committed to moving towards a model of inclusion. The Exemplar grantees are assigned a group of up to 3 other grantees to mentor and guide on the path to inclusion.¬†

Supporting Inclusive Practices Grantees


Financial grant awarded to pursue the furtherance of inclusion within educational agency

Access to range of professional development events by experts in the field of inclusion, education and change management

Network of support including access to exemplar grantees for mentoring, support, and access to resources 

SIP Grantees 2023-2024

East Valley SELPA - San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools

Yucaipa-Calimesa Unified