Why Inclusion? 

Because Special Education is a Service, Not a Place



2018-19 Data specific to Indicator 5, time spent out of Regular Ed. class greater than 80% of time

Watch Inclusion!

A short film that appeals to emotions. A crush on the heart so that we all participate in the construction of a more inclusive world. Ian was born with cerebral palsy. Like everyone else, he wants to have friends. Like no one, he needs to work hard to get it. Discrimination, bullying and indifference keep him away from his beloved playground. But Ian won’t give up easily and will achieve something amazing. Ian is not alone. In Argentina there are five million people with disability. In the world, more than a billion. Inclusion is vital for our society, it makes us richer, more diverse and more just.

Benefits of Inclusion for students

With Disabilities

Higher Rates of Academic Performance

Higher Student Engagement

More Satisfying and Diverse Friendships

Improved Communication

Less Disruptive Behaviors

Better Outcomes Post High School

Without Disabilities

Greater Gains in Math and Reading

Reduced Fear of Differences

Greater Empathy

Improved Self-Concept

Increased Social Cognition

Better Ethical Principles